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Frequent Questions
Refunds / Returns
We offer free refunds on all unopened products within 14 days of delivery. You can get your refund by submitting a query here.

Furthermore, if you have opened your temptats pack and have an issue with the product, contact our customer service team and they'll try to help here.

What are TempTats?

temptats are comedic temporary tattoos, designed for wearing and sharing on nights out with your mates!

These aren't just any old temporary tattoos however... we stand by the fact these are the highest quality temporary tattoos in the world.
Are TempTats safe for my skin?
Yes. temptats are skin safe/non toxic to the highest EU, FDA, CPNP cosmetic safety standards.

Of course, still avoid putting the temptats on sensitive skin and not near your eyes.
How long do they last?
temptats last up to 3 days however if you want to remove them the morning after.a night out, you can do so by applying:
baby oil / hand sanitiser (alcohol based) / micellar water
with a cotton pad to the temporary tattoo and then scrubbing it away.

🇬🇧 Made, Packaged & Shipped in the UK